A little late to the party...

Much like everybody else, I like to go into Yankee Candle and stick my little nose into all of their jars. However, I had never needed to purchase one because my mum had the candles sorted at home and 99% of the time our house smelled like freshly baked goods. But, now I have fled the nest and live in a mouldy old house with 3 boys. The desire to make my room my sweet smelling safe haven has never been so great.

At first, I used reed diffusers so keep things smelling sweet. However, my room was so warm that they evaporated pretty quickly. For Christmas, I was given this Yankee Candle trio and now I am a candle queen. The three scents featured are: Black Cherry, Passion Fruit Martini and Flowers in the Sun. I have also almost burnt through a "Cherries on Snow" Christmas candle. I am obsessed. Every night, when I get in from work I stick them on whilst making dinner. I then enjoy the sweet scent and warm glow throughout the evening. Candles are definitely a staple item when it comes to making our mould little house, a home.

If you have any suggestions of Yankee Candle scents please let me know! I am normally a fan of the sickly sweet and fruity ones...

"Breathe" App

Whilst living in America, as part of the "American College Experience" I had a roommate. Not a HOUSEmate... a ROOMmate. Like, another human being that occupied the immediate space that I used to eat, sleep and breathe. It was quite an adjustment and my sleep pattern took a bit of a hit. I had three different roommates during my time away and some were better than others. Quite often I struggled to sleep and I became hooked on this app.

"Breathe" is an app database of different guided meditations. Each time you open the app it asks you to "check in" you select how you feel from a long list of different emotions and it provides a list of meditations that will fit your mood. When I first began using the app the free meditations were limited but a recent update means the app is so much better. There are far more free guided meditations and you can now choose between a female and male voice. The "falling asleep" track is my favourite. It is similar to a body scan and allows my brain to focus on relaxing instead of getting distracted by everything going on around me. The gentle woman's voice allows me to slow and control my breathing ready to shut down for the night.

I tried this on my parents once when they had jet lag and we all had to sleep in a shared room but my Mum just laughed the whole way through... so it doesn't work for everyone! I have found it really helpful for sleeping but sometimes I branch out to different meditations during times of stress or negative thoughts. The guided meditations help you to refocus and relax! I love it!

Skincare Favourites

When in America I couldn't always buy the skincare and cosmetic products that I was used to. It forced me to change my routine and try new things. I have an oily T-zone as well as my nose and chin. I have very red pigmented skin too! So even without spots my skin tone is not completely even. I religiously use Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 Wash, Scrub and Mask. I use it every morning in the shower as a scrub and a wash and once a week as a mask. OR if I feel really spotty I will just put it on a potential spot area and sleep with it on.

One of the first things I discovered when in Target was the Boots Botanics range. I thought it was so funny that the "Boots" brand existed in the store like any other cosmetics brand. The Boots Botanics Micellar 3 in 1 is a micellar water that I use on my face every evening. I apply a small amount to a cotton pad and wipe all over my face to remove any impurities or make up. For removing eye make-up I used several cotton pads and just hold them over my eyes for a few seconds and the make up just melts away. I normally follow this up by sweeping some Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Cleanser across the whole of my face.

Every other day I use my new The Body Shop Aloe Calming Foaming Wash which feels great on my skin. I use it in the morning to wash away any build up in my pores overnight such as dead skins cells and oils OR sometimes in the evening to wash away the dirt from the day. I lather it all over my face in circular motions and then wipe away with a warm flannel.

Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask is something I pick up when my skin is particularly oily or in need of a deep clean. This is a product I had learnt a lot about and decided to pick up on my way through duty free at LAX. It is a mask that really draws everything out and makes your skin tight in the process. You can really feel the benefit after washing this off!

I've been struggling with an oily nose recently if anyone knows any good treatments to prevent spots- let me know! I use blackhead strips but they are so expensive!

Sketch, London

Sketch... After 2 years we meet again. Back in 2014 I met my Mum up in London for a catch up and dinner. We decided to visit sketch and I feel in love. Everything is so crazy. There is hopscotch in the hallway and moving art installations on the walls. There are themed rooms and bizarre egg shaped toilets. The waiting staff wear PVC and a cup of tea and cake becomes a bit of a party. Nicola, Dillon and I went to London to meet Tom for some tea. Dillon couldn't visit London and NOT see the disco ceiling bathroom in Sketch- so we chose this as our afternoon pitstop. 

We ate in "the Parlour" which is a small room at the front of the building. There is also a restaurant and bar as well as an area for afternoon tea. I decided to treat myself to a passion fruit mocktail and a raspberry tart, both of which were refreshing and delicious. It was the perfect snack to keep our energy levels up for the rest of the afternoon. We all opted for different desserts and Dillon's arrived with an impressive gold foil bean on top (how fancy...). Nicola and I snuck off to the ladies for a cliché instagram session... much like everybody else in there!

It was a lovely conclusion of our time together and I have found some great friends in Dillon and Tom.