A spontaneous "pick me up"...

Sunday 19th February, I am scrolling through Facebook like most Sunday mornings. I noticed that Nicola is out on the town for Mandy's birthday celebrations. Could it be!? Nicola, is in Brighton!?

I immediately "pinged" an iMessage in Nicola's direction. Next thing I knew, I was heading (bare-faced) into the lanes. Nicola is a perfect ray of sunshine in my life and has been for the last 5 years. She is the best person to pick me up on overcast weekend. To keep with tradition we visited graffiti walls. I love them, in Brighton the walls are like little outdoor galleries. The pieces are ALWAYS changing, I love heading into to town to see what is on show at that moment.
We mooched around for a while and I picked up this cute new tumbler to match a plate I already have. Then we popped into Cloud9 for a warm drink, we sat in the window and watched the world go by. Before long, it was time to walk Nicola back up to the station to jump on her train back home. I walked back home grinning! I just love little spontaneous outings. 
P.S. Photo credit goes to Nicola, mostly. She is a perfect Instagram angel. I wish she would follow me around forever taking gorgeous candid pictures. What do you think, Nicola?

Sketch, London

Sketch... After 2 years we meet again. Back in 2014 I met my Mum up in London for a catch up and dinner. We decided to visit sketch and I feel in love. Everything is so crazy. There is hopscotch in the hallway and moving art installations on the walls. There are themed rooms and bizarre egg shaped toilets. The waiting staff wear PVC and a cup of tea and cake becomes a bit of a party. Nicola, Dillon and I went to London to meet Tom for some tea. Dillon couldn't visit London and NOT see the disco ceiling bathroom in Sketch- so we chose this as our afternoon pitstop. 

We ate in "the Parlour" which is a small room at the front of the building. There is also a restaurant and bar as well as an area for afternoon tea. I decided to treat myself to a passion fruit mocktail and a raspberry tart, both of which were refreshing and delicious. It was the perfect snack to keep our energy levels up for the rest of the afternoon. We all opted for different desserts and Dillon's arrived with an impressive gold foil bean on top (how fancy...). Nicola and I snuck off to the ladies for a cliché instagram session... much like everybody else in there!

It was a lovely conclusion of our time together and I have found some great friends in Dillon and Tom.

What I got for my Birthday!

Friday July 1st marked my 21st birthday! I was very lucky and spoilt by my friends and family, as always. My parents took the day off and we all went out for afternoon tea- I plan to do a post on that too. Unfortunately, I was working the weekend of my birthday so we celebrated the weekend before. I got some amazing gifts! My Auntie, Uncle and Grandad got me a B E A U T I F U L Tiffany&Co bracelet. The heart charm on the bracelet is engraved with my initials on the underside. It is nice to have something special and wearable, I can't take it off!

My main gift from my parents was a pair of RayBans! I LOVE them, I definitely won't be able to wear them as often as I would have been able to back in Los Angeles. BUT still, I always wear sunglasses to drive and I LOVE THEM (did I say that already?). RayBan have a new "design your own" feature on their website and I was playing around with it with my Mum and we created these! Mum even got my name printed on the arms and my birthday date on the case- how sweet!

From my Nan I got some lovely beauty treats. We went shopping together in Fenwick and I picked up a scent I have had my eye on for a while- Chanel Chance Eau Fraïche. I used to spray it on a sample paper every time I passed through Nordstrom. We also grabbed a Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine Lipstick in No. 9 (Nude in Private) which I have been wearing non-stop. Its very high gloss and works well on its own OR over other lipsticks. It is a very subtle pink colour. I will definitely be repurchasing this- it feels so great on the lips.

I had a lovely 21st birthday with my family and I am so grateful for all of my gifts. I am excited to see what this year has in store for me... (apart from a dissertation!).

Gallery hopping in London...

Thanks to Dillon's presence I got to enjoy a number of days gallivanting around different cities. We ended up visiting London for a second time just to complete our to-do list. We started the day visiting the Serpentine Gallery and checking out the summer house installation. It was all so grand! The sun came out for us and we got to goof around and take lots of photos of one another. The next stop on our list was the V&A which I hadn't been to in years! The building itself is so beautiful NEVER MIND the exhibits. The tiled floors are charming. There is even art in the bathroom. Dillon treated us and we got to see the "Engineering the World: Ove Arup and the Philosophy of Total Design" exhibition. I found it so interesting as I have never really read into engineering or architecture and I became fascinated. Looking at all the sketches, diagrams and calculations made me realise the amount of knowledge and skill required for the profession. We ate in the V&A café before wandering over to Sketch to meet the final part of our foursome- TOM! We finalised our day and time with Tom by overcoming the vast number of stairs in the new TATE gallery. The lifts just weren't working in our favour. It was awful. We had climbed and wandered like tired zombies around 5 of the floors before managing to get to floor 10, the viewing platform. I definitely need to revisit on a day that isn't as busy (it was opening weekend!). It is hard to appreciate creativity when you have to fight to just get a look. This was another one of those very satisfying, yet tiring and foot-blistering days. I can't wait to be reunited with these guys in the future.