Bedroom Photo Tour

January 29, 2016 Charlotte 6 Comments


I am currently studying abroad in Los Angeles, and one of the restrictions of this college is that I am required to live on campus in a dormitory for the length of my stay.


With the help of the room decor my Mum packed in my suitcase and my local Target store I have managed to make these four popcorn walls a little more homely.


I really enjoy all the inspirational prints I have on my wall, the majority of which are from Paper Source. Some of them are from the "A Beautiful Mess" Happy Mail deliveries which I receive monthly!


I do not spend a lot of time in my bedroom as the weather is so great here. However, I do find it a great place to study and read.


On another wall I have this sweet United States of America scratch map. This was a leaving gift from one of my close friends, Barnaby! 


I have not included my desk in the images as it is overflowing with reading about plants and birds- very messy stuff!


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  1. Oh my gosh I love your bedroom! That scratch map is so cool, I want one for the whole world. Also I love those inspiration prints you've got, I want to get some for myself. This post has motivate me to decorate my room!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

    1. I am definitely going to get a world map one when I get home! They're so sweet! xx

  2. Love those quotes! :-)

    1. The fonts and colours are so beautiful too! xx

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