Brunch in Santa Monica

January 25, 2016 Charlotte 2 Comments


I was invited to brunch at CAST in Santa Monica by my gorgeous friend Jamie. Jamie and I met when I was visiting Austin, Texas and she invited me to brunch with her lovely California friends. I took along my close friend Ella and we headed to the restaurant for 1pm. 


We sat down fashionably late at 1.30pm and started our Sunday with mimosas and bloody mary's. The restaurant had a beautiful outdoor patio area around the hotel pool, with white garden furniture and heated canopies.


Whilst Ella opted for an omelet for brunch I decided to go for something a little more sweet. I chose the "Mediterranean Breakfast" which was made up of seasonal fruit, yoghurt, honey and banana nut bread. The colours on the plate looked so appealing and the fruit was so fresh and delicious. 


It was so refreshing to begin the new year surrounded by new wonderful people, we laughed throughout the 3 hours spent in the restaurant. I really appreciated the change of scenery from college, it is so nice to meet people that are not students and to hear about their lives. Los Angeles is made up of so many interesting people, everybody has an different story! 


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  1. I love this and you.
    I felt so proud of you when I was talking to your Mumma. Miss you dearly friend <3

    1. Just think! In 4 months this can be filled with our adventures... <3