Hello, 2016!

January 10, 2016 Charlotte 2 Comments

I am currently sat in a hotel room at Los Angeles International Airport before a flight to Chicago in the morning. After many attempts of writing an essay I ended up scrolling social media and feeling nostalgic. I came across a blog that I started in 2012 and continued to writes posts on for over a year. It made me really happy to read posts about my adventures with friends at the age of 17. Right now, I am at a far more interesting stage in my life. Now, aged 20, studying abroad in California, I feel I should be documenting this far more exciting chapter of my life!

I hope that by keeping a blog I will uncover my old love for my SLR camera and continue to write. I have simultaneously started a moleskine journal to begin this new year.

I wish myself luck in keeping this up!

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  1. Yay! Welcome back. Doesn't it feel great to write for yourself?!
    I am loving your vlogs too. Enjoy every moment of your amazing Adventure!

    1. I am excited about being able to read back when I get home in summer! I hope motherhood is treating you well! xx