Road Trip: Las Vegas

January 21, 2016 Charlotte 0 Comments

Saturday 19th December:

I left Los Angeles, California on a Greyhound bus headed for Las Vegas, Nevada. I would spend a night in Vegas on my own and meet my parents from the airport the following day. The 5 hour journey was a scenic route through the desert. I could not stop looking out the window, especially during the sunset! At 6pm I arrived in fabulous Las Vegas and sat staring out of the window with my mouth wide open, much like a small chid. The lights on the strip look amazing in the evening, there is so much to look at. I could see all the famous hotels that my parents had told me about.
I decided to go out and explore, the first hotel I wanted to see was the Bellagio. I got a car to there and went on to see the fountain, Caesar's Palace, the Venetian and the Palazzo. After all of that walking I purchased a giant bath bomb and had some "me time" before going to bed!
Sunday 20th December:

After dropping my baggage off at the Planet Hollywood hotel, I looked around the hotels for a while longer. I love that they are all uniquely wonderful with very different themes, Vegas is almost like an adult theme park. I headed into Starbucks in the MGM Grand for some strawberry granola. One of my favourite hotels was the New York, New York I spent some time walking amongst the New York scenery before moving onto the Mandalay Bay hotel. I was desperate to see this as Robbie Williams sings about staying in this hotel in the song "Me and my Monkey".
I headed to McCarran International Airport to await the arrival of my family. I was full of energy as I was so excited to see them after 4 months, however they were not quite as outgoing after a 10 hour flight. We wandered around Caesar's Palace and ate at the Cheesecake Factory before catching up on sleep.
Monday 21st December:

Jet-lag was something I had not considered being an issue for me as I was staying in the same time-zone. However, staying in a hotel room with 3 jet-lagged individuals made this my issue too. After several late night/early morning interruptions and the loud bang of Mum walking into a wall we faced our first proper day together in Las Vegas. Mum and Dad treated Sammy and I to an early Christmas gift. They booked for us to go on a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. This was my first time in a helicopter and one of the best experiences I have ever had! The gorgeous red rock is so different to anything you would ever see in England and all the different rock formations in the Canyon are beautiful.
In the evening the ladies and the gentlemen split up and Mum and I went for Mexican food together. We sat outside overlooking the strip and the Bellagio fountain, it was really lovely to be able to spend some time together after being apart for so long. We wandered the shops near our hotel before getting more much needed sleep.

The playlist for Las Vegas videos is here:

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