Top 3: New York!

January 22, 2016 Charlotte 0 Comments

1. Mast Brothers Chocolate

Mast Chocolate

This day out in Williamsburg was easily the highlight of my trip. At 11am Dario and I strolled into the Mast Brothers Chocolate Shop in Brooklyn. We were both instantly attracted to the clean minimalist style of the retail front. The white walls and geometric shapes appeared like a gallery full of individually wrapped chocolate bars. A chirpy bearded gentlemen dressed in a white apron guided us around the store on a tour. We got to try the chocolate at different stages of production; from the fleshy cacao bean to the finished bar. It was clear how much time and energy is put into making these high quality chocolate bars as many of the bean sorting processes are carried out by hand, on site. The flavours we managed to try during the tour included smoked chocolate, goat milk chocolate, vanilla chocolate and dark chocolate. 

2. The Comedy Cellar


On Sunday night we headed downtown to catch a show at the Comedy Cellar. After not quite grasping the American humour in our choice of Broadway show, I was slightly concerned about heading to the Comedy Cellar. However, as soon as Phil Hanley spoke any reservations I had vanished instantly. I was laughing non-stop at every line, the whole sketch was very relatable. My favourite comedians from the night were Phil Hanley, Greer Barnes and Kevin Brennan!

3. Williamsburg

Williamsburg is a neighbourhood in Brooklyn, the walls of its streets are lined with beautiful murals. The area has many independent shops and restaurants and is also where the Mast Brothers Chocolate shop is located. I am a real sucker for rainbow street art! It is also the home of the Brooklyn Flea Market which takes place every Sunday. The Flea Market has a mixture of vintage clothing stalls, craft stalls, furniture and food. Dario had a "Ramen Burger" for lunch. I was a little naughty and opted to have brownie topped with chocolate and berry ice cream!

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