Olive & June

February 21, 2016 Charlotte 0 Comments


As I don't spend a lot of time alone with my Mum we thought it would be a great idea to have some kind of beauty treatment. Walking around in the sun day after day was getting exhausting so I sat down and browsed different Los Angeles based blogs until I noticed a salon that was mentioned a few times.


Olive & June offer nail treatments in both Beverly Hills and Pasadena. We decided to book an appointment at the nearest location which ended up being Pasadena. This branch of Olive & June is located in a small courtyard of sweet shops. Complete with dining area and red telephone boxes (like a home away from home...).


I haven't had a manicure since my birthday last July and my nails were in desperate need of some attention. We decided to go for a more durable gel manicure and opted for different nude tones. I wanted to complement my new Kate Spade bag!


I am so pleased with the finished product, I had my nails filed into a square end which suits my long nail beds. The colour is subtle, I normally would go for a pink or red but this nude tone goes with everything! 


Thank Goodness It's Friday!

February 19, 2016 Charlotte 0 Comments


The weather in Los Angeles has been absolutely brilliant all through February. It has been between 20 and 35 celcius the whole time! I definitely prefer things to be around 25 celcius because you can sit outside but avoid getting sticky.


As I am so pleased that the weekend is approaching and the weather is how I like it I opted for this bright outfit for today. Next weekend marks the start of my latest adventure- I am heading to Seattle to stay with Emily. I am very excited to scratch another state off my scratch map!



Grand Central Market DTLA

February 17, 2016 Charlotte 0 Comments


I am still trying to figure out Downtown Los Angeles... It is not like London where there are places to go everywhere you turn. Instead, there are just pockets of lively spots.


However, I did know that Grand Central Market was a great place to visit. So when my Mum was visiting we headed down there.


My Mum likes lots of different kinds of food but doesn't get to enjoy them at home because my family isn't so adventurous.


When we arrived we just wandered around the stalls admiring the freshly prepared food and the different neon signs. It is a great set up as we could eat completely different styles of food and still eat together!


Mum opted for Chinese style chicken and rice and I chose Seafood Broth. We both had passion fruit lemonade to wash it all down.


As the temperature began to climb beyond 25°c we decided that ice cream would be a great next food choice.


I got a cone with one scoop of vanilla ice cream and one scoop of cookies and cream. Mum got caramel apple ice cream and coffee ice cream! Both were delicious. 



Manhattan Beach Post

February 13, 2016 Charlotte 0 Comments


After enjoying the warmth of the sun on Manhattan Beach we walked up Manhattan Beach Boulevard to find somewhere to eat.


We found this really cute restaurant with an open front and large blackout blinds to shade the diners from the sun. It was called the "Manhattan Beach Post" and had very wooden and rustic decor.


The restaurant offers tapas style dining made up of many small plates. We started our meal off with some bacon and cheese biscuits. These were absolutely divine (cheese is my favourite thing ever...).


We continued to order several dishes and the next to arrive was the truffle laced fried chicken with honey. As well as a naan bread.


Each dish was gorgeous and I began to feel more and more full. Then, the final dish came out. The Fee Fi Fo Fum fries featured in the first image... They were giant, I have no idea how someone managed to source potatoes big enough to make these fries. Mum and I ended up sharing them with the table next to us and taking the rest home!


I can't wait to return to this restaurant with some of my college friends, the interior design is very much to my taste as I use tins and jars in my room decoration back in England!!


Manhattan Beach

February 10, 2016 Charlotte 0 Comments


Southern California is unbelievable. Mum and I decided to take a step away from the action of the Superbowl on Sunday and head down to the beach.


We set up camp with our blanket and snacks under the pier to shade ourselves from the sunshine. We just lay there are relaxed for hours watching the waves crash against the wooden pillars of the pier.


The temperature hit 31°c but the beach was still calm. If the same temperature was experienced in England there would not be an inch of sand left to sit on!


The ocean breeze provided the perfect relief from the hot sun making it a perfect temperature for relaxing.



Viviane, Beverly Hills

February 06, 2016 Charlotte 0 Comments


On Thursday 4th February, my Mum arrived at LAX to visit me for the week. Up until this time I was searching for interesting places to eat and visit in Los Angeles when I came across www.loveandloathingla.com. This has been the most helpful blog I have ever found and there are so many lovely looking places on there that I simply must visit.


Mum and I used the City Sightseeing Tours Bus Company to look around Los Angeles. We started from the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood and took the red line to Beverly Hills. We then got a car to Viviane located in the Avalon Hotel.


I instantly fell in love with the 1950s decor as we walked through the restaurant to our table outside by the pool. The staff positioned the sunshade to protect my pink skin from the midday sun.


After browsing the lunch menu for a while I decided to get a tuna and arugula sandwich and Mum opted for the steak sandwich. We only intended to have a small lunch as the hot weather does not leave us with much of an appetite.


Our waitress arrived with our meals, 2 large plates with fries piled high on the side. This was not quite the light lunch I had anticipated but it was delicious, regardless.


We ate and drank in the relaxed poolside atmosphere before exploring Rodeo Drive and wishing we had stayed in the Beverly-Wilshire...



Birding in Marina Del Rey!

February 06, 2016 Charlotte 0 Comments


The fact that I now own a binoculars and a "Field Guide to birds of Western North America" has come as a shock to many people back at home. It is universally acknowledged that I am, in fact, slightly scared of birds. I think this stems from an upbringing in areas swamped with fearless rock doves or "pigeons".


However, I now live in Los Angeles and eat salad and stuff. I like to try things that are different to what I am used to. As a Biomedical Science student, Avian Biology seems to be a questionable choice of class. BUT... I keep thinking about what I will be doing when I head back to University in England next year and I realise that I will be spending a lot of time in laboratories and concrete lecture theatres.


My classes for this semester in the USA have reflected my desire to be outside enjoying the Southern California weather before I head back to Brighton's dreary coast.


As part of the Ornithology experience we headed out at 6am (I still have no idea how I achieved this...) to Marina Del Rey to go birding. We saw so many different species in the Ballona Wetlands and then so many more from the jetty! As the morning went on the weather became nothing but brilliant sunshine! To the extent that I started to apply factor 50 suncream to my already burnt face.


I had a really great time on the trip, trying something new has definitely paid off and I enjoy trying to identify birds from my field guide. We also have to keep a field journal which is something I really look forward to, I love to document things. I have many Moleskine journals as well as my scrapbook and video blogging channel.