Birding in Marina Del Rey!

February 06, 2016 Charlotte 0 Comments


The fact that I now own a binoculars and a "Field Guide to birds of Western North America" has come as a shock to many people back at home. It is universally acknowledged that I am, in fact, slightly scared of birds. I think this stems from an upbringing in areas swamped with fearless rock doves or "pigeons".


However, I now live in Los Angeles and eat salad and stuff. I like to try things that are different to what I am used to. As a Biomedical Science student, Avian Biology seems to be a questionable choice of class. BUT... I keep thinking about what I will be doing when I head back to University in England next year and I realise that I will be spending a lot of time in laboratories and concrete lecture theatres.


My classes for this semester in the USA have reflected my desire to be outside enjoying the Southern California weather before I head back to Brighton's dreary coast.


As part of the Ornithology experience we headed out at 6am (I still have no idea how I achieved this...) to Marina Del Rey to go birding. We saw so many different species in the Ballona Wetlands and then so many more from the jetty! As the morning went on the weather became nothing but brilliant sunshine! To the extent that I started to apply factor 50 suncream to my already burnt face.


I had a really great time on the trip, trying something new has definitely paid off and I enjoy trying to identify birds from my field guide. We also have to keep a field journal which is something I really look forward to, I love to document things. I have many Moleskine journals as well as my scrapbook and video blogging channel.


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