Grand Central Market DTLA

February 17, 2016 Charlotte 0 Comments


I am still trying to figure out Downtown Los Angeles... It is not like London where there are places to go everywhere you turn. Instead, there are just pockets of lively spots.


However, I did know that Grand Central Market was a great place to visit. So when my Mum was visiting we headed down there.


My Mum likes lots of different kinds of food but doesn't get to enjoy them at home because my family isn't so adventurous.


When we arrived we just wandered around the stalls admiring the freshly prepared food and the different neon signs. It is a great set up as we could eat completely different styles of food and still eat together!


Mum opted for Chinese style chicken and rice and I chose Seafood Broth. We both had passion fruit lemonade to wash it all down.


As the temperature began to climb beyond 25°c we decided that ice cream would be a great next food choice.


I got a cone with one scoop of vanilla ice cream and one scoop of cookies and cream. Mum got caramel apple ice cream and coffee ice cream! Both were delicious. 


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