Manhattan Beach Post

February 13, 2016 Charlotte 0 Comments


After enjoying the warmth of the sun on Manhattan Beach we walked up Manhattan Beach Boulevard to find somewhere to eat.


We found this really cute restaurant with an open front and large blackout blinds to shade the diners from the sun. It was called the "Manhattan Beach Post" and had very wooden and rustic decor.


The restaurant offers tapas style dining made up of many small plates. We started our meal off with some bacon and cheese biscuits. These were absolutely divine (cheese is my favourite thing ever...).


We continued to order several dishes and the next to arrive was the truffle laced fried chicken with honey. As well as a naan bread.


Each dish was gorgeous and I began to feel more and more full. Then, the final dish came out. The Fee Fi Fo Fum fries featured in the first image... They were giant, I have no idea how someone managed to source potatoes big enough to make these fries. Mum and I ended up sharing them with the table next to us and taking the rest home!


I can't wait to return to this restaurant with some of my college friends, the interior design is very much to my taste as I use tins and jars in my room decoration back in England!!

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