Grey Walls & Copper Accents

May 31, 2016 Charlotte 1 Comments

Returning home to my childhood bedroom was a little dreary after my 9 months away in Southern California so I decided I would undertake a little project and update it. I am so pleased with the outcome! I bought several cans of copper spray paint and sprayed my curtain pole, lamp base and headboard- They all look great! I then repainted my white walls "jasmine white" to freshen them up and changed my feature wall from bright blue to "potters wheel" grey. These were all paints that my parents has lying around from previous decorating jobs. I then took a trip to Dunelm with my Mum and we found this gorgeous grey, yellow and white geometric bedding set with matching curtains! I love hints of yellow! Now I just need to tidy my desk and fill my bookcase... (perhaps another time..?)

// Lampshade- Dunelm // Duvet Cover- Dunelm // Curtains- Dunelm // Bird Print- Ikea // Bookcase- Ikea // Desk- Ikea //


Island Spa, Catalina

May 16, 2016 Charlotte 1 Comments

Today the "70° and sunny" motto of the locals did not come through. The skies of Avalon were greatly overcast and Cassie and I decided that today was not going to be a day packed with adventurous activities. Instead, we wandered down to the Avalon Grille to start our day of relaxation. After a light lunch we continued along the coastal walk to "Island Spa". My nails have really needed some attention since I tried to take my own gel polish off (always a mistake..!). So I opted for a Shellac Blend Bar Manicure in the colour 'Clay Canyon'. Cassie however, opted for a pedicure to compliment her already perfect manicure! Purchase of these treatments also gave us access to all the amenities on site including the steam room, sauna and pool.  


Avalon Grille

May 13, 2016 Charlotte 0 Comments

This blog is starting to feature a lot of food. It is the one constant that I plan my day around, after every course on our trip Cassie and I would research our next culinary venture. I just love food. One of our favourite restaurants in Avalon was the "Avalon Grille" which we visited twice during our stay. Cass chose a tomato soup for our first meal there and I had a burger and fries. The soup looked so delicious with the pesto swirls that I had immediate food envy. My burger was very tasty but the patty was slightly overcooked for my liking (totally my fault, I didn't request how I wanted it cooked!). On our second visit I also went for the tomato soup and was not disappointed. It arrived with thick cuts of warm bread and a side of butter, this really took the edge off of the coastal breeze. 


Rompers for days...

May 12, 2016 Charlotte 0 Comments

From top to bottom: (Blue Sunglasses: Forever 21, Striped Romper: Old Navy, Yellow Dress: Old Navy, Shoes: Birkenstock, Heart Necklace: Tiffany, Navy Striped Romper: Charlotte Russe)