Avalon Grille

May 13, 2016 Charlotte 0 Comments

This blog is starting to feature a lot of food. It is the one constant that I plan my day around, after every course on our trip Cassie and I would research our next culinary venture. I just love food. One of our favourite restaurants in Avalon was the "Avalon Grille" which we visited twice during our stay. Cass chose a tomato soup for our first meal there and I had a burger and fries. The soup looked so delicious with the pesto swirls that I had immediate food envy. My burger was very tasty but the patty was slightly overcooked for my liking (totally my fault, I didn't request how I wanted it cooked!). On our second visit I also went for the tomato soup and was not disappointed. It arrived with thick cuts of warm bread and a side of butter, this really took the edge off of the coastal breeze. 

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