Cloud 9, Brighton

June 25, 2016 Charlotte 2 Comments

Despite Brighton being my University town, I don't find myself doing much exploring. I tend to stick to my local haunts. However, when I visit with friends from home it feels like a completely different place. You begin to notice the shops and restaurants that you walk by on a regular basis and they become exciting options, for once. This time Nicola introduced me to the world of rainbow cake in Cloud 9, Brighton. Dillon, Nicola and I connected with Nicola's friend, Mandy and took our pick from the cake case. The cupcakes were so sweet but I couldn't resist going for the famous rainbow cake (something I would quite like to recreate for my birthday!!). We chatted and ate in the restaurants pastel rainbow d├ęcor. I couldn't quite finish the last bite as I was so stocked up on fabulous meals from the rest of the week. After resting our tired legs and enjoying a bit of fuel we found the energy to continue our trip and heading back to the lanes for more shopping!


Bill's Brighton

June 21, 2016 Charlotte 1 Comments

When I decided to join Nicola and Dillon on their travels to Brighton I absolutely HAD to introduce Dillon to Bill's. As the sun peeked through the clouds we wandered down North Road and through the large green doors to the restaurant. The large glass panels in the doors cast an angelic light on all of the tables at the front of the restaurant, we couldn't resist sitting there to soak it all up. As it was a weekday Bill's has a really reasonable set menu and after all our walking I could eat a big meal. I opted for Calamari to start followed by a minute steak for mains. Dillon picked the sea bass, I had immediate food envy. His plate was beautiful. Nicola had a fish finger sandwich, an old favourite.

During the meal I sat browsing the neatly stacked shelves, each item had a gorgeous bright, vintage label. I decided to do a little shopping for Grandad for Father's Day. I picked up a jar of jam, a bar of chocolate and some biscuits wrapped in a bright orange ribbon. It was all beautifully gift-wrapped in store. Grandad loved his gifts too! All of this makes me excited to move back to Brighton in September!!


Photomatic Brighton

June 20, 2016 Charlotte 0 Comments

A new shop has popped up in the Brighton lanes! Photomatic is an adorable photo-booth shop. On one side sits a black and white booth, while on the other side sits a full colour booth. Surrounding these are piles of props to goof up the print outs! My personal favourite was the unicorn head that Dillon sported in one of our shots. We purchased 3 tokens between us from the gentleman at the desk (this saves you from fumbling around for pound coins to fit the slots like many other machines!). He advised us how best to fit in the booth for a great photo. I have to admit it was a struggle. One of us would crouch on the bench between the other two that were sitting. We ended up with half of our faces in the first shots. The gentleman at the desk gave us an extra token to help us perfect our technique- how lovely! I will definitely be heading back when I move back to Brighton in September, I need a whole wall of photo-booth print outs!!


Back to Brighton...

June 17, 2016 Charlotte 0 Comments

After a day separated from the group and a dent made in my tower of ironing, on Wednesday I headed out on the Southeastern Train with Nicola and Dillon once more. This time our destination was my university home-town: Brighton. It is the perfect kind of quirky, colourful, liberal town (technically a city, but it's too cute for that!) to show our visitor. The lanes are lined with independent stores and boutiques- great for mooching around. 
Once again we found some great street art to decorate our Instagram accounts. Then we had some fun in the photo-booth shop before settling at Bill's for some well deserved lunch. We then showed Dillon the royal pavilion (which we hoped he would find architecturally desirable...) followed by the pier. I only enjoy the pier to look at views and take in the smell of donuts. I could spend days on a 2p machine but I just can't bring myself to spend £6 on a rickety rollercoaster.
The afternoon was spent in the company of Mandy too. We met in Cloud 9 for a slice of rainbow cake and a drink. We wandered some more through Snooper's Paradise trying on a range of funky sunglasses and then stopped at Nando's for some quick dinner, you don't get Nando's stateside! We then snuck around the corner to the Twisted Lemon for a cocktail. I went for a Cosmopolitan, perhaps due to a Sex and the City over indulgence recently... 


Charlotte & Nicola with the technicolour dream walls...

June 16, 2016 Charlotte 0 Comments

Nicola has been a big part of my life for the last 5 years and in this first month of being back at home she has been a hugely uplifting (and much needed!!) force in my life. I have been having a hard time getting back into my old routine and have been feeling down for weeks. Nicola has incorporated me into all her adventure plans with Dillon who is visiting from Seattle and now I am feeling so much better. This post is just an excuse to post more mural photos with my best friend. I really wanted to go on a mural adventure before I left Los Angeles but I completely ran out of time. I am so glad we managed to check some out when in London.


A day in the capital...

June 14, 2016 Charlotte 0 Comments

After several years of Instagram admiration I finally met Dillon and the face behind the Fox! With Dillon visiting for a short time from Seattle, his host Nicola requested that Tom and I join them in London to make the trip even more magical! We started the day with a Starbucks coffee before battling through showers of rain to find Tom. We attempted to visit Columbia Road Flower Market but instead we quickly passed through the busy street under the canopy of stranger's umbrellas. We were all soaked, I immediately questioned my impractical (but very cute!) choice of my yellow rain jacket. I can confirm, these things are only "shower proof".

We ended up running into the most adorable Brunch venue called "Clutch". Tom, Nicola and I opted for the Banana Bread and Dillon took a slightly more savoury route. After this energy boost we wandered over to Brick Lane making several more stops for coffee and mural photoshoots. This post is super heavy on the photo side BUT we took so many great ones. We ended our day in Covent Garden Wagamama. I am so happy that I got to spend the day with these 3- they are such a jolly and energetic bunch and I can't wait to hang out again!