Back to Brighton...

June 17, 2016 Charlotte 0 Comments

After a day separated from the group and a dent made in my tower of ironing, on Wednesday I headed out on the Southeastern Train with Nicola and Dillon once more. This time our destination was my university home-town: Brighton. It is the perfect kind of quirky, colourful, liberal town (technically a city, but it's too cute for that!) to show our visitor. The lanes are lined with independent stores and boutiques- great for mooching around. 
Once again we found some great street art to decorate our Instagram accounts. Then we had some fun in the photo-booth shop before settling at Bill's for some well deserved lunch. We then showed Dillon the royal pavilion (which we hoped he would find architecturally desirable...) followed by the pier. I only enjoy the pier to look at views and take in the smell of donuts. I could spend days on a 2p machine but I just can't bring myself to spend £6 on a rickety rollercoaster.
The afternoon was spent in the company of Mandy too. We met in Cloud 9 for a slice of rainbow cake and a drink. We wandered some more through Snooper's Paradise trying on a range of funky sunglasses and then stopped at Nando's for some quick dinner, you don't get Nando's stateside! We then snuck around the corner to the Twisted Lemon for a cocktail. I went for a Cosmopolitan, perhaps due to a Sex and the City over indulgence recently... 

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