Bill's Brighton

June 21, 2016 Charlotte 1 Comments

When I decided to join Nicola and Dillon on their travels to Brighton I absolutely HAD to introduce Dillon to Bill's. As the sun peeked through the clouds we wandered down North Road and through the large green doors to the restaurant. The large glass panels in the doors cast an angelic light on all of the tables at the front of the restaurant, we couldn't resist sitting there to soak it all up. As it was a weekday Bill's has a really reasonable set menu and after all our walking I could eat a big meal. I opted for Calamari to start followed by a minute steak for mains. Dillon picked the sea bass, I had immediate food envy. His plate was beautiful. Nicola had a fish finger sandwich, an old favourite.

During the meal I sat browsing the neatly stacked shelves, each item had a gorgeous bright, vintage label. I decided to do a little shopping for Grandad for Father's Day. I picked up a jar of jam, a bar of chocolate and some biscuits wrapped in a bright orange ribbon. It was all beautifully gift-wrapped in store. Grandad loved his gifts too! All of this makes me excited to move back to Brighton in September!!

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