A spontaneous "pick me up"...

March 02, 2017 Charlotte 0 Comments

Sunday 19th February, I am scrolling through Facebook like most Sunday mornings. I noticed that Nicola is out on the town for Mandy's birthday celebrations. Could it be!? Nicola, is in Brighton!?

I immediately "pinged" an iMessage in Nicola's direction. Next thing I knew, I was heading (bare-faced) into the lanes. Nicola is a perfect ray of sunshine in my life and has been for the last 5 years. She is the best person to pick me up on overcast weekend. To keep with tradition we visited graffiti walls. I love them, in Brighton the walls are like little outdoor galleries. The pieces are ALWAYS changing, I love heading into to town to see what is on show at that moment.
We mooched around for a while and I picked up this cute new tumbler to match a plate I already have. Then we popped into Cloud9 for a warm drink, we sat in the window and watched the world go by. Before long, it was time to walk Nicola back up to the station to jump on her train back home. I walked back home grinning! I just love little spontaneous outings. 
P.S. Photo credit goes to Nicola, mostly. She is a perfect Instagram angel. I wish she would follow me around forever taking gorgeous candid pictures. What do you think, Nicola?

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