Birthday Brunch

July 02, 2017 Charlotte 0 Comments

This year, my birthday fell on a Saturday which meant I would be working all day. That was fine with me, my main event this summer is my holiday and I am working my socks off to get there. So today , I spent the day with Hollie. We both slept in nicely then headed out to brunch at 1.30 (can I still call it "brunch" at 1.30pm?!). We visited Red Roaster for the first time, after walking past it so often we finally had a reason to treat ourselves. We both opted for variations of bacon and eggs. Hol had fried eggs, bacon and sourdough and I had chilli scrambled eggs, bacon and flatbread. We caught up and sipped our "passionfruit fizz" and admired the airy botanical decor. The food and setting were perfect, I will definitely be visiting again but perhaps for a drink or pastry!

We then headed on to Gelato Gusto for dessert, they do an ever-changing selection of ice creams and sorbets with lots of vegan options. Hollie had Cherry Cola sorbet, which caused be to develop severe food envy. I still enjoy my "99 Flake" and strawberry ice cream. We were then on the same street as my favourite shop- "Photomatic". I couldn't be happier now they have introduced a loyalty card scheme! Every time I visit I use 3 tokens. We had a bunch of fun in the black and white photo booth and an old pegboard. I have some really adorable printouts to add to my collection!

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