Lisbon, Portugal

January 30, 2018 Charlotte 4 Comments

For the last three years, Mum and I have enjoyed a January girls trip. To start it all off, in 2015, Mum came to visit me in LA and we shared a week together. In 2016, we opted for a slightly colder (but cheaper) girls holiday to Budapest. This year we headed to Lisbon, for weather that was slightly in-between...

It has become a bit of a tradition, to top it off we normally get tucked into bed early and start a series or a bunch of movies. In Budapest, we watch all the "Sex and the City" movies. This year, we started "Grace and Frankie" a series on Netflix which I now adore! Mum has binged the whole lot...

Thanks to my Portuguese colleague Dalila and travel-enthusiast pal Shawn I was armed with a killer list of things to do. We visited Castelo Sao Jorge, Belem Tower, Jeronimos Monastery and rode in trams. We also enjoyed a variety of different sangrias throughout our days. We paired this all with some coffee-shop hopping and ended up with a packed but also relaxing (somehow!?) trip away. 

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