About Me

June 06, 2016 Charlotte 0 Comments

Hey! My name is Charlotte! I am a 20 year old student I have just completed my year abroad in Los Angeles, California. I am a fourth year Biomedical Science undergraduate. When I am not studying I spend much of my time travelling, watching vlogs and reading blogs. 

In early January 2016 I stumbled across an old blog that I had created in 2012 where I would document my daily life. I feel that now my life is so much more exciting than it was then, that 2016 should be the year I begin to blog again. I have started this blog to document all the fantastic memories I am making through out my university journey. 

I also video blog my experiences in the USA on my YouTube channel, which I started back in August 2015 when I moved to Los Angeles. It is my way of keeping my family and friends up to date with what I get up to. All the videos can be found here.

All photos are my own unless stated otherwise. I use a GoPro Hero 4 Black, Canon 600D or my One Plus One phone.